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            輔導課程:暑期集訓 在線咨詢
            復習緊張,焦頭爛額?逆風輕襲,來跨考秋季集訓營,幫你尋方法,定方案! 了解一下>>

              1. 大學生消費

              Write an essay based on the following chart. In your writing, you should

              1)interpret the chart and

              2)give your comments.

              You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points).


              The pie chart above evidently illustrates various consumption expenditures of college students based on their consuming habit in certain university in 2019. To be specific, online shopping took a lion’s share, accounting for approximately 39%. While traveling and education made up around 23% and 22% respectively. However, the least proportions were physical store consumption and other factors, occupying roughly 10% and 6%.

              What triggers this phenomenon? Maybe at least two reasons can be identified to contribute to this matter. But the most important is that, along with the development of technology, college students’ consuming habit have been changed remarkably, as a consequence, an increasing amount of college students focus on online shopping. Simultaneously, there is another essential factor that after resolving the issue of food, quite a few students’ consuming conceptions have transformed dramatically, to the extent that they increasingly pursue spiritual consumption, which should be also taken into account.

              From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that this trend will certainly continue for quite a while in the near future. College students tend to spend more time on e-commerce and pay more on spirit consumption.





              2. 房屋裝修


              Write an essay based on the following chart. In your writing, you should

              1) interpret the chart, and

              2) give your comments.

              You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)


                   The pie chart above evidently illustrates various target aspects in terms of consumers’ focusing on decorating their houses in a certain city in 2018. To begin with, the style of decoration takes a lion’s share, accounting for around 59%, while the factors left, including the price, practicality and others are taking up relatively smaller shares, which means 29%, 10% and 8% respectively.

              There are many shaping factors that can be used to formulate the phenomenon above. First of all the factors is that with the dramatic jump in the living standards, a crop of consumers can accumulate adequate wealth to make their dreams come out, especially the living conditions. Therefore, they are far more focusing on what they can not obtain and the diverse choices in life. What’s more, there is a striking feature in the modern consumers that after years of school work and experiences, their attitude to living standards has undergone radical changes, where a mounting number of the young men prefer what they are fond of to what they can obtain.

              The fact facing us is not likely to be changed in a short time. Therefore, it is imperative for the businessmen, striving for more profits, to pay due attention to the style and for the government to regulate the decoration market to keep it in order.





              3. 新媒體

              As is clearly mirrored in the above pie chart, the proportion of ways for shoppers to obtain the product information demonstrates evident distinctions in 2014. According to the data given, the Internet advertisement takes a lion’s share, accounting for 40%, while TV commercials and flyers take away respectively 22% and 18% of the whole proportion.

              What triggers this phenomenon? It is not difficult to put forward several factors responsible for this. Initially, with the accelerated advancement of the Internet technology, the increase of netizens is apparently noticed by us. Thus, numerous individuals tend to buy products online instead of going for the real shop in the streets or shopping malls. To continue, TVs are still widely in use for most families, which supports a strong purchase power by TV commercials. Terminally, quite a few folks are giving out flyers to the passers-by, and most of them would like to accept it, and this is the very reason why flyers rank the third in the pie chart.

              In view of the arguments above, we can conclude that the current phenomenon is of no surprise. And therefore, it can be predicted that the network way will undoubtedly advance in the years ahead.





              4. 畢業生去向


              The pie chart above reveals clearly the percentage of graduates’ inclinations for work option. Based on the data given above, the proportion of salary and welfare ranks the highest, at approximately 52%, over a half of the total. By contrast, with respect to enterprise scale, promotion opportunity and interpersonal relationship cultivation, the amounts account for only 22%, 18% and 8% respectively.

              The fundamental factors that contribute to this trend may be summarized as follows. First and foremost, due to the strengthening economic growth, price of commodities are witnessing considerable climb increasingly, especially in the metropolitan cities. As a result, graduates need handsome income to sustain their life or even make their life more decent. What’s more, the generous welfare can further secure the quality of life and enable the graduates to fully enjoy their new starting point. Consequently, nearly half of the graduates are inclined to view salary and welfare as the prior option in their pursuit of work.

              In view of the arguments discussed above, I firmly believe that such established trend will definitely continue for quite a while in the forthcoming years. Accordingly, it is advisable for those enterprises that aspire to recruit qualified applicants to take this into consideration.






            班型 定向班型 開班時間 高定班 標準班 課程介紹 咨詢
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